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PANDORA Certified Online RetailerWhat's your sign? The Chinese Zodiac is represented by animals, captured perfectly with these PANDORA dangling Charms.

Each of these zodiacs is associated with a different culture, attributing influence of a cycle upon their personality or events in their ilfe.

Click on an animal charm to find the year you were born and your Chinese Zodiac Sign!

PANDORA Zodiac Charms

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PANDORA The Strong Ox Dangle
342077 - 791103

PANDORA Tigress/Tiger Dangle
342076 - 791102

PANDORA Bunny Dangle
342075 - 791101

PANDORA Free Spirit/Horse Dangle
342073 - 791099

PANDORA Ram Dangle
342072 - 791098

PANDORA Monkey Dangle
342071 - 791097

PANDORA Rule the Roost/Rooster Dangle
342070 - 791096

PANDORA Buddy/Dog Dangle
342069 - 791095

PANDORA Piggy Dangle
342068 - 791094

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