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How To Make Your Pandora Bracelet:

1. Choose Your Bracelet Size & Type
Start with your base bracelet - there's a number of styles to choose from! The Pandora bracelet system offers oxydized silver, sterling silver and 14k gold as well as a wide array of beautiful clasps including the standard lobster clasp and the Pandora clasp. The Pandora clasp seamlessly closes your bracelet and when worn it looks just like another bead on your Pandora bracelet!

Choose A Base Bracelet
2. Choose Your Clips
The Pandora bracelet uses a unique threaded system to place your beads on the bracelet. These threaded sections can be separated by clips which help cover up the area between areas where you place your beads.

Select Your Clips
3. Choose Your Beads!
You can make your Pandora bracelet as interesting or tame as you want! With a wide varietey of beads available in 14k gold, sterling silver and sterling silver with gems you can let your imagination run wild and choose a combination that fits your style!

Sterling Silver, Zodiac, Sterling With Gems, Birthstones, Sterling With 14K Gold, 14K Gold
4. Add Spacers
Need to provide some definition to your bracelet and help specific beads stand out a little more? Just use a spacer! Spacers allow you to give prominance to chosen beads by separating them, ensuring they don't slide together. The result is a bracelet with unique, eye-catching beads!

Select Your Spacers

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